myVegas Slots Free Chips Questions [ Q&A 2017]

myvegas-q-aQ: I have a question for you (myVegas iTunes) why is it when you have a game that gives only gold chips as the first leg that you get them so fast and yet to get chips to play MOST OF US can’t finish the game. If you gave us red chips for gold chips maybe we could because now that I have over 2 1/2 million gold chips and don’t go to Vegas what good are they???

A: You can always spend your free chips online. There are plenty of websites which offer you freebies for your chips. With 2,5 mln myvegas chips you can buy yourself nice house, free trip from Vegas to Chicago or other extra things here in Vegas. If you will have more qiestions – feel free to ask me and I will guide you. I already spend like 10,000,000 chips at vegas

Q: (Part1) why am I having such a hard time loading this game? I have an upcoming las vegas trip and would like to use my rewards as well as earn a few more please help. ive only been asking all day (Part2) CAN I PLEASE GET SOME HELP LOADING VEGAS SLOTS ON MY FACEBOOOK PAGE, I HAVE A TRIP PLANNNED TO VEGAS AND WOULD LIKE TO USE MY REWARDS AS WELL AS EARN OTHER REWARDS!!

A: First of all please do not use CAPITAL LETTERs because it is rude and you have to behive here at my blog. Second thing is if you need more myvegas slots free chips then you can visit website which I hyperlinked here in this answer. If you are having problems with loading myVegas on your laptop please try to restart browser, update your flash version or scan your computer with AntiVirus software. If this won’t help – let me know your skype and I will help you personally.


Q: Just wanted to say thank you! I’ve used the myvegas rewards on my last 3 trips to Vegas and on a trip to Atlantic City. I’ve seen several great shows and eaten many free buffets! Just wondering if there are any plans for different rewards, such as different shows or if the station properties be will returning?

A:  We’re so glad that we could be a part of all three of your trips, and can’t wait to be a part of your next one! 🙂 Although Stations has decided to adjust their offering, we look forward to adding great new rewards in the future.

Let me know more question in the comments below, emails and on my facebook fanpage. Bye amigos!

Advantage of Slotomania Coins Generator

Slot machine game lovers are all around the world. Though it is a gambling game it brings joy to many gamers who are dedicated players of the slot machine games. Now, time has come when you need not to run to Las Vegas for enjoying the real life casino experience. Slotomania has brought unique slot machine game for all the game lovers for free. Slotomania has been developed by a famous game making company Playtika. Playtika has been developing game for several of years. Some of them are pretty famous in online gaming industry.

Slotomania has about 140 different slot machines and very good graphics which never let the player be bored of the game, rather after some days they become addicted to the game. Thus, the fact that Slotomania has millions of dedicated player is not a truth to be doubted. For the first few days the players can play the game for free, actually it is a free game. The slot machine game welcomes you with a free ten thousand coins, after a regular period of time the three thousand free coins come as a bonus. Other than this the game has many more things in bag to offer. They have bonuses and free wheel shots and many other prizes.

One more interesting thing about the game is that it can be connected to social media like Face book. At the time when you are playing the game you can have an eye on your friends and others. You can see how they are doing in the game. That increases the interest in playing.

But after some days you would find the need of real money for playing the game. By that time you have been so much engrossed and addicted to the game that you cannot ignore it and stop playing in half way. Then the time starts when you begin to lose money and that makes a big hole in your pocket. After recurrent complaints some coders had decided to resolve it. They have developed the Slotomania free coins generator for the benefit of the fellow players.

These tools are safe and secured for playing as well as virus free if downloaded from a reliable site. The hack tools are very much efficient and are compatible with all Android phones, iPhones and all other ios devices. They can be used in laptops and personal computers as well.

By using the hack or cheat tools the players can gather limitless amount of free coins which he can use for playing on and on without worrying about emptying his own money. And he will be able to gather all the resources required for the game. Thus, he can increase his chance of winning. The player can positively have a lead over all the fellow players in the game.


Where to find clash of clans hack tool download

It has been a convention that when a game comes into existence and grows to popularity in a little time, will must develop some cheating tricks. Obviously, the method of cheating is not only against the rules and regulation of the game but also against the spirit of the game. There are hackers who develop various kinds of tools for using in the game. The game that is tough to play is easy with a cheating or hacking tool. The cheating tools are very effective on the game. These tools can change the mode of the game. Though using the cheating tools is getting an unfair advantage over others, it is quite popular in the mass.


Playing Clash of Clans is now easier than before. You may get through the various levels of the game very easily. Just you have to do is to use the Clash of Clans hack code with an alternate support on a platform that’s very user friendly. Here the players can build up their own villages and many other constructions. They can train and boost their troops for the forthcoming battle. But for doing all these players will have to earn gold, two types of elixirs and variety of gems. Earning the valuable things is not as easy as one presumes.  In this game the player builds clan or community of people who fight against enemy troops and protect their own. This clan is always ready to start a war. On winning they earn gold, elixirs and dark elixirs. These they use a means of defense. The elixirs and dark elixirs are used to train the troops and to upgrade them. The gems are very useful thing. They can be used for improvement of buildings and any many other tasks.


Immeasurable gold, elixir and gems are obtainable in Clash of Clans hack tools. Levels are now simple to clear up. No additional money is required on in app purchases. The time to get ultimate pleasure from the game has finally come! The Clash of Clans hack tool is here to make your favorite game more enjoyable. All tools are obtainable on-line and are entirely safe. These hack tools are barely perceptible thus nobody will ban the user for using a hack tool. All the hack tools are supported by all smart phones as well as iPhone, iPads, PC and laptops.

These clash of clanshack tools are effective answer for gathering uncountable gold, elixirs and gems.
The tool is updated frequently to avoid any disturbance throughout the game. The players or users need not to transfer it anytime they require playing the game. The tools supply anti-ban security to supply absolute protection. Now you can play on and on without worrying about emptying your resources.